You might wonder why am I writing about you in the first place? After all, I don’t even know you yet.

Well, the answer is simple. Although you and I haven’t met yet, I believe I can already portray some of the challenges you might be facing, as I have either experienced them myself or was a witness to them in the past.

The main thing you might be saying is that “change needs to happen” or that you “need coaching to become a different version of yourself”.

However you want to describe it, Life is generally described as an on-going process of transformation, which occurs with or without interventions. This applies to our Personal Life , to our Work, and any other area we –as human beings– are involved in.

The intervention of a coach comes in the different parts of that transformation process, to ensure that the path that is taken is the right one. What is “right”? This is the question that will accompany the process, weather in coaching or a workshop, it is up to you as an individual or a group to find what is right for You. I am here to facilitate your quest in your discovery process, by raising your consciousness and making you more aware.

How do you know coaching is for you?

  • You feel stuck.
  • You have a sense that you are shut down.
  • You are looking for something and don’t really know what it is.
  • Your routine drains you.
  • You need a change and don’t know where to start.

When would you be hiring a facilitator for a workshop?

  • Your expertise is exceeding your understating and training.
  • You are personally involved with the team.
  • You are looking to shake things up, more than usual.
  • You need brainstorming to co-design a bespoke workshop.
  • You know what needs to happen, you simply don’t know how to execute.

I started my career as a coach in 2005, after a successful career in human resources and as a chemical engineer. I know it sounds diverse. The choice of coaching came after contemplating who I am becoming and listening to my inner desires and dreams. In fact, I have a “polychromatic” personality and I use a very diverse range of skills and training tools in my 1×1 practice and in facilitations. Having this diversity in my trainings gives you the ability to choose from a wide palette of services and skills when working with me. My main concern is to be an active witness of human growth processes, giving my undivided attention. My aspirations are always to become a better version of me, so you can count on that I will be continuously curious about your next version.

Looking at my personal life, I am happily married and have 3 amazing children. I resided in many different parts of the world, USA, Israel, UK. And no matter where I am based, I am always looking to connect to people that are letting their dreams follow them.

Click to read more about my Trainings & Certifications:

The Inside Team Trained
Coach Supervision Certified
Neuroscience Coaching Certified
Co-Active® Coach Certified CPCC
Lego® Serious Play® Certified Facilitator
Co-Active® Leadership Trained Facilitator
Coach Mentoring Trained
Neuro-Linguistic Programing Trained Practitioner
International Coach Federation ICF Certified
Organization and Relationship System Coaching ORSC Trained

When I think of us, I tend to imagine us as a machine that produces something much greater than the sum of its parts. We will work as a team, to deliver the best outcome towards your desired goals. Working together is very intimate: it consists of vulnerability and touching on those sensitive issues that are usually unspoken. Due to the nature of being in a relationship, that by itself, creates safety and gives the courage to become more open to change, uncovering what is under the hood.

In a group, the relationship is further more important, as it contains also the entity of the group and the complexity of the inner relationships within it. As a facilitator and trainer, I enable the space to create alignment towards desired outcomes, making the “us” more clear and transparent.

 “What will become of us?” is up to us! Being in a relationship makes us part of the same system moving towards a desired path.