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Dear Rafael
The hall of fame that changed my life, the things that appears like different places, art and musical stuff, small moments of grace, loved animals and especially people are all entwined through the years. When I look back I can feel them, they are all timeless and still with me.
And suddenly without any preparation and out nowhere you are also on that list.
I came to you that you will coach me, but the first I got trust. I got the feelings that everything is real and there are no make believes in this relationship,
The feeling that I can trust you and you will always be genuine with me came immediately and that feeling enabled me to spread my wings and fly from the first session. From that point my wings got stronger. My flight today is a lot smoother and free.
At the beginning the coaching was a tool that supported me after that it helped to untie strong knots and eventually it escort me through my life and maybe even through the whole life time.
Since I have been coaching with you I use my own eyes. It feels like with you I am more of me and thanks to that, later when I am by myself I can still be more of me. The fact that you believed in me with no doubt, by me knowing that you are always here helps keep my doors open to the world.
You are huge gift.
And if you are looking for recommendation here is my recommendation: try the inner team work with Rafael. You’re guaranteed for a journey full of surprises
Looking at yourselves from outside and most important – it is a method that set you free and stays with you and allows you to use it at any given moment when you need it.
A real first aid kit for that we are here
Thank you Rafael.
Great assignment you gave me. At last I have a recipient to my letters.
Instead of writing letters to myself I am writing a letter to each member on my team.
The truth is that I have been thinking and trying to find the right way for me to say thank you. I know that I have not finished the coaching journey and we are
Only in the middle but this middle, this center is maybe just the middle but for me it’s a lot.
I have not reached any kind of middle lately. I was always at the beginning or the end of things.
I did not have any substance know that without your support I wouldn’t be in this place. I would have probably giving up but you never gave up
I know that if we were now in a coaching session you would say that the one who did all the work was me and not you which is true but
You pushed me and guided me and you have been there all the time never ever giving up. And we both know that I pulled all the rabbits from my magic hat to make
You leave. In my wildest dreams I would not have dared to imagine the place that I am standing now. I could not have believed that I will be alive again.
I could not have imagined that I will ever be able to peek beyond my own walls and also climb them with all the fear that it bring.
I did not believe that I will fight for my life. I am trying to find the exact word that will express what I am feeling but the only thing that comes out is tears.
Just the fact that I am feeling something is a miracle. You are one of a few people who saw my bare soul and you never took advantage of that place
To break me down, on the opposite you taught me how to learn from those situation.
In my head there is picture from the meetings that we went to last week.
I was on the verge of nervous breakdown and I admit that I nearly run away because I felt the shivering taking charge on me and the tears choked me and I
Really wanted to stand behind you and hide and you would not let me. We entered the room, i was shaking and you saw that and I felt it and despite all of that
I knew that everything will be ok because you are there and in case that I will fall apart you will catch me.
I asked myself a lot of times why you are not giving up on me and tell me that our coaching journey has come to his end. I could not understand why you keep insisting
Why you need this headache. Today I can say that I am able to find by myself some good reason to fight for my life.
In your own way you made me believe, you made me look up set a target and start walking towards her.
You helped me understand that it I am allowed to dream, I am allowed to want things for myself.
With your help and thanks to you today I know that I have the right to be alive. And today I want to live
Thank you so much for joining battlefronts to set the conquered Dana free.
I now have a new goal: I want to be able to give you and all the member of my team a big hug. The moment it will happen I will know that we reach the top of the mountain.
II still have a lot of things to thank you for but I will stop now otherwise you will not have time for anything.
Thank you so much
Rafael Boker volunteered in our school as a coach after the second Lebanon war.
He gave 100% from himself
Rafael found out what are the school needs and came to school for a whole day in order to coach ten members of the school stuff.
He came consistency on his account up north and dedicated many hours towards the coaching process.
In addition to that Rafael was available many hours to the member stuff and he also led two workshops successfully.
His professionally, dedication and commitment led the members stuff that where taking part in the coaching process and the entire organization to rethinking about some topics
I want to thank Rafael from the bottom of my heart of the wonderful gift he gave us.
One of the things that I can say about myself is that today I am less aggressive.
Today I am more aware to my ability I am aware to the paste that I set and to the circumstances of life that I have no control of.
The insight that I got from the long and hard coaching process and at times unbearable am that is meant to happen will happen
If you didn’t get a job it meant that you were not meant to have it
The people that will work with you are the one who are worthy of you
Don’t compete with people, acknowledged them, flatter them. It will do you good
Always aim that the people who surround you will be happy because it will reflect on you back. It is a win- win situation
Set you goals, give yourself the target that you aim to and stand up to it
This is the way to achieve whatever you wanted
In the beginning of the coaching I was very skeptic about my professional future especially what will be with my carpentry shop
The fear that I raised a generation of carpenters that will compete with me was always there
The feeling that the days are chasing one another and there is no goal in the distance besides financial profit was too hard to bear.
I learned and internalized that owning and running my carpentry shop must be more flexible and I must allow me employees to express them self
I have to deepen their connection and their love to the place more strong and solid.
I learned that my goal in this stage of life is different and carpentry shop is only a tool to for financial welfare that will enable me in the Future to dream and accomplish more of my dreams.
Today I am building the foundation dream to open a jeep tour company up north.
I still have not set a target date but thanks to the coaching process I am aware to the fact that I am the only one who is holding back from this dream to come true
I have no doubt that the coaching that I experienced last year from the second Lebanon war, the help from Rafael brought me to an understanding and learning of Life in a different perspective.
I think that I am a better person more considerate, more giving to my surroundings and more aware to the needs of myself and the people around me.
I know that today I am a lot closer to the inner peace that a man deserve to have and I know that thanks to the coaching I got serenity that brings with her improvement.
Coaching with Rafael gave me the ability to think different and to look at life from a different perspective.
The challenges that were created in the coaching process through setting new goals and target that may be existed and pushed away in my subconscious in the coaching and with the guides that I got from Rafael were validated and even reached to a higher step in the ladder of my life. Those achievements gave my life a push forward and the mutual feed back where strong.
The coaching was professionally done and in every step I felt that I have someone to count on.
After such a coaching journey that we walked all I want to do is to give you the acknowledgment you deserve.
I started the coaching on April for a period of 4 month. To get to coaching sessions I had to come from up north all the way to you and each time I was excited. I came to you, to be guided by you.
The coaching fields as contributed to me a lot in my work as a bank manager and in my private life also. The process did not end because I implement it every day.
The thing that made this journey so special from the beginning to the end was your positive approach, your ability to focus, your ability to see my agenda and focusing on it, the endless patience, treating me with respect, the support that you gave all the way.
There are not enough words to describe the thing you gave me.
I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the coaching process and I am positive that our coaching partnership is rock solid and I know that when I will need this partnership again it will be there for me.
How do you describe such a talented coach?
First of all I truly believe that Rafael is a great coach, his way of coaching is magical. Rafael is talented and real professional. his ability to listen, his understanding of what I was really saying, the way he taught me how to learn from everything that happens ,his ability to show me the most hidden insight from everything.
Rafael helped me to face my most hidden and dark fears and secrets. I manage to see which qualities make me, what are my wishes, what are my desires and most important who are the characters that I have inside of me. The minute we found my core essence with the help of the coaching I was able to understand and get acquainted with all the characters in the partnership called me. Then and only then I was able to manage all the characters. Make agreements between them, to know when to give each one of them to take the rein of my life, to give her the roll part and through that I found a lot of answers.
Knowing and managing the characters in myself allows me to act in same situation from a different place. Now instead of acting from an impulsive place, panicking and running away I take charge. I am the leader of my life.
Now I am choosing the characters they are not choosing me.
Knowing and mastering leading the characters in my give me the ability to honor the agreements between all of them and by doing that the gremlins are a lot quieter.
In the coaching session I brought the agenda, if I had a dollar for every time I heard:” so, where do we go today?”….. I was the in charge of deciding what we are dealing with and with the help of the coaching, guiding questions, inquiry questions, looking at the picture as it is, understanding what we see, understanding which character are playing now. The right feedback and by Rafael always keeping the space I managed to see the picture in a clear way without any filters to disguise what I don’t want to see.
Each session ended with the question “what did you take from this session?” and I cannot remember even one tome that I left without a new insight about me or my life.
Rafael always showed up in a way that enables me to get to my insight. Sometimes he was quiet. Sometimes active, sometimes he was more aggressive. Everything he did was in order to deepen the learning and forwarding the action that I take.
I am happy with the results that I got from the coaching, the feeling at the end of every session worth every dime. I feel that I am on the right way to achieve all my goals, desires. I am changing the things that slowed me down in my life and now I have become the leader in my life.
I reached some of my goals and I am on the way to accomplish all of them. And I will.
I believe every word that is written on Rafael business card:
Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery.
Today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present”
Life is too short for us to spend thinking what if?
Create your own tomorrow as you see it.
Te agradezco mucho que hayas sido mi supervisor ya que tus recomendaciones y consejos fueron muy valiosos, esto me ha permitido mejorar mi Coaching así como transformar varias áreas de mi vida. Tu valentía y determinación me ayudaron mucho.
I want to express my gratitude to you for our session yesterday.  You have opened my eyes to a huge barrier that is keeping me from being a more powerful coach.

Further to our conversation yesterday and your pointers, I have been doing some research to really understand and connect with what the gap is for me and what I can do differently.  I came across a few articles and BINGO- it helped me connect with why I get hooked and into problem solving mode.

I am now aware that some of my clients have me hooked!  They ask me questions that are basically of the nature of ‘how do I solve my problem’.  Since, I am a naturally directive person and really want to help them, I immediately respond in a directive way by providing thought starters that lead to solving the problem.  In the moment, it feels like coaching to me, but what you have helped me realize is that it is not coaching and instead advice giving, where I am throwing things at my client, leading them and all they have to do is pick the solution and run with it.

I feel so much lighter now, because I was struggling with trying to understand why this was happening, as with some clients, I do not coach this way and with others I clearly do.

Hace ya unos días que quería agradecerte de todo corazón la supervisión tan interesante que tuvimos el pasado martes, que fue mucho más allá de una supervisión…en tiempo y en profundidad. Ha sido lo más valioso de toda la certificación y lo que más me ha ayudado…creo y espero que este sea el “antes y el después” tanto en mi vida como en mi coaching ;-)…
Gracias por tu generosidad, por tu paciencia conmigo, por tu transparencia, por tu implicación en mi aprendizaje, por tu maestría en coaching, etc….
Tan sólo agradecerte, ahora que ya soy CPCC tu aportación como supervisor grupal en el Pod Avestruces del que he formado parte este año. Tus comentarios nos fueron a todos de gran ayuda y a mí personalmente de manera especial. Por tu absoluta imparcialidad, exigencia y modo directo de dirigirte a nosotros que hizo que realmente nos “pusiéramos las pilas” y por tu peculiarísimo sentido del humor! *;) guiñando
Fue para mí una agradable sorpresa volver a coincidir contigo el día del examen oral y un honor que fueras precísamente tú uno de mis dos examinadores. De verdad que me hiciste sentir muy valorado y que valoro enormemente, conociéndote, haber superado con éxito esta prueba.
Espero que mantengamos el contacto y que volvamos a encontrarnos pronto.
Dear Rafael
The coaching process was a new experience for me, challenging and exciting one.
The coaching process opened for me a new way of thinking about myself, about my desires, my needs and the place where I see myself today and in a few years. The coaching process allowed me to recheck the things I do. The way I do things and the way I act with universe. It enables me to watch learn how I can do things in a more productive way for me. The coaching process helped me to see what I really want, what I want to fulfill in my life and most important how to do it.
No doubt that the energy you bring, your motivation and your great will as a coach contributed a lot to the coaching process.
As my coach you trusted me, acknowledged me, and truly pushed me to success sometime in places where I did not see hope. You in lighted me, revealed to me insights that where life changing and whole of that contributed to the coaching process
Our coaching sessions where a mild stone of building myself personally and professionally
The coaching session left me many time excited, wondering, with a lot of thoughts about the things we worked on during the session.
In between the session I was often swamped with the things we dealt, light bulbs suddenly lit up and kept me all the time thinking about how I manage my life.
Thank you creating that place in my life
Thank you for that period of time that is life changing
Keep on and do not stop making wonders
From the bottom of my heart.
A man is coming to the world only once
Since then he keeps rebirthing
Every year
Every day from the beginning
The man celebrate his birthday
Not to the memory of his birthday
But to celebrate each new day
That is why every minute we have a chance to open up and change and keep on going
Every day like a brand new day
We must to use every moment
So that this day will not be just another day
Birth day is just the beginning
Of the this wishes
Actually I wanted to wish you
A lot of everything especially happiness and endless love
That your laughter will come from the heart
That you heart will be full of friendship and joy
That everyone around you
Will feel only joy and blessing
I wish you health and luck
All your life
Not just this year
Happy birthday filled with love
And angel blessings
For the whole year
A few days ago I was sitting with a friend of mine and I tried to explain to her what made this coaching process so special to me and this hand and the meaning of that hand is what made everything so special, magical, possible and unique.
For years I was praying for a hand that will not threat me,
I was praying for a hand that I will not attack, reject,
A hand that will stay and will not disappear
And I got it
Without colors, No decoration, a hand that is always there no matter what.
Sometimes I do not see her and sometimes I resist her, but she is there. I have the option to choose whether to take her or not.
There were times when I was broken to 1000 pieces, hurting, and I felt that hand even if you where 5000 miles away, supporting and slowly lifting me up.
The crystal that is in this hand is the “prize” that I got when I was ready to believe in this hand.
To me the coaching process was a path we took to discover and in light my unwanted behaviour patterns that I choose from auto mode. the process coaching is like taking a beam of light and pointing her on those behaviour patterns, watching them and then gradually pilling them until I let go of those patterns .sometimes there was a need to point that beam of light again and again to the same place in order for me to understand that I do not need them and to help me see the pros and cons in those behaviour patterns.
During the coaching my awareness got stronger and my ability to analyse my automatic behaviours that I did not noticed before.
The coaching process gave me tools to make the change and I hope to use those tools in the future.
The coaching process enabled me to be open and true and to bring myself to the process. From the first moment I felt that I can count on your professionalism, your secrecy and your will to help me.
even if I think that at the moment there is no area in my life that it is important for me to work on you helped me to see clearly the one or two area that do need a change.
The changes affected everyone around me for the better
During the coaching process I imagined myself showing you a problem that I do not act from the right place in/ the outcome was me thinking about possible solutions with your inspiration. One more thing that helped me to open up to you was your flexibility. We walked in my paste. Sometimes probably you were expecting for a quick and obvious change but I prevented the change so it will suit me.
I am happy that I went through the coaching process and I thank you for that.
Rafael Boker my world coach
I was introduced to the coaching world half a year ago thanks to a friend of mine who is working in that field. You were my friend coach and she strongly recommended you and that how I met you. I decided to check this thing that called coaching. I did not think that I needed coaching, I was curious if this coaching can really help me in fulfilling my goals and understanding myself in a clearer way.
As a rationalist and a bit skeptic person I came to the first meeting excited. From the first moment I learned that Rafael came to the session with one purpose: to help me (and him also) to practice together and the target was combined and the coaching is co active coaching.
He came from a clean place, pure, real and he defined the coaching method and his purpose. Then I understood that I am on my way to find new insight about topics that probably been forgotten and fade away through life and new insight that were waiting for the right “trigger” in the shape of a coach.
We started to deepen the learning in topics like: values that are super goals that we aim to in our life, the tools to reach those goals. Finding my own and real vision of my life, moving from being to the doing, relationship etc. Rafael capability to “read” the situation and me during the coaching and to push me always forward and his insight as a coach gave some priceless insight for that I thank you.
One of the important thing I took from coaching with Rafael is to “real” and authentic and now I could pass it on in my relationship with people.
Rafael has the perfect qualities for the profession that he chooses. A profession that his purpose is to help each and every one of us that want to reach his goals and desires and maybe more important help them to choose the right way for them to get there.
I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart….big thank you…huge thank you for being my coach. For being that person who is looking at the deepest, most sensitive places inside of me and knowing and sensing what will move me forward, excite me. You were my mirror. You have been the person that feels me.
I am sure that you got a lot of complement throughout your life that you are intelligent, professional, reliable, amazing intuition, a true leader etc.
I want to thank you for being a good friend; your attitude toward me surprised and thrilled me. Your dedication, your good will, your investment in me, the time
You inspire me
It is magical and your influence on me will remain a life time. When I will get up in the morning, when I will be on the stage, when I will become a mother your faith
Will always be there and will share my own faith, that we owe ourselves to be true and happy and keep reminding that to ourselves.
I love you for your resourcefulness, the courage, the vision and following the dream and for who you are and for all that you have given me
One last thanks- thank you for being Rafael
“Let’s fly far away….
You will be my wings
Some kind of imaginary connection
That up until now was not impossible.
My name is Avital and I have been coaching with Rafael over three month. Not only is that Rafael charming person he is also a professional coach, original and have strong and honest commitment to his client.
Thanks to the coaching, things that were not clear in my life become clearer from day to day, doing things that advance me and make me joy and satisfaction from my inner truth.
I start to believe that I want to live and all of that is thanks to the coaching and Rafael. His faith in me and encouragement to be the exact person that I want to be
And to get all the things that I want for myself and from this world.
Good luck to you all.
During the past year we were in your coaching process, involving the professional staff in place and especially me.
Training was an emotional experience for me as well as professional experience. Not always easy to deal with content that training was overwhelming but you gave me a Choice to be able to face personal and professional pathways.
I learned a lot about myself: strong and weak points, excuses I used to give my interpretation I give to situations, coping strategies, when I determined, when inclined to give up and more.
Training is first of all a process of 'taking responsibility' for yourself and this is a good experience of the presence and choice.
I am deeply grateful to you for this gift I received from you. A gift that will accompany me for a long time in all life realms.
Success in all !!!
Rafael Boker

I want to thank you for the process you facilitated with me.
Thank you for reinforcing my spiritual and practical spine.
Thank you for creating the space to raise awareness about:

  • Boundaries
  • Authority
  • Self-Esteem
  • Appreciation

Just a BIG thank you

& a BIG smile.

Buenos dias Rafael,

Hace ya unos días que quería agradecerte de todo corazón la supervisión tan interesante que tuvimos el pasado martes 29/04 que fue mucho más allá de una supervisión…en tiempo y en profundidad. Ha sido lo más valioso de toda la certificación y lo que más me ha ayudado…creo y espero que este sea el “antes y el después” tanto en mi vida como en mi coaching ;-)…
Gracias por tu generosidad, por tu paciencia conmigo, por tu transparencia, por tu implicación en mi aprendizaje, por tu maestría en coaching, etc….
un abrazo!

Thanks you all. Rafael.